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All prices are for a single person portrait. 



For a portrait of more than one person, i generally add $50 per extra person. (ex: a 16"x20" painting of 3 children would cost $300.)


Anything other than a portrait (landscape... house... dog...) will be priced at my discretion due to the complexity of the photograph.

Paintings are done in oil paint, on a stretched canvas, unless otherwise discussed. 


I love to paint more than I love to make money, so all prices are negotiable. This is just a general idea of what I charge. Just talk to me! I will work with you. 


16" X 20":   $150

18" x 24":    $250

20" X 24":   $250

22" X 28":   $300

24" X 36":   $350

30" X 40":   $400





I am not limited to these size canvases, these are just the most common that I use. Contact me about other sizes, shapes, mediums, etc. 


nyssa mooney

fine art

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