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Q: How much does the painting look like the real picture?

This is a painting, not a photograph, so keep that in mind. It will never look 100% like the picture- if that is what you are looking for, it is far cheaper to get a picture printed on canvas.

I paint with an artistic twist, therefore it will look similar to the picture, but never exact. Here are some picture/painting comparisons:

​Q: How long does a painting take?

Depends on the picture and how much i have going on in my life. 
It doesn't take me long at all to actually paint the painting, but drying time can take several weeks, so please allow for that.

Q: Do i pay first?
Depends. If I see you in person, then I will allow you to pay me when I hand you the painting. If I have to ship the painting to you, I will require that I be paid first either by a mailed check or paypal. I will, of course, send you a picture of the finished painting to ensure satisfaction before you pay.

Q: I only have a picture on the computer... is that ok?
Perfect. I prefer digital images- and it must be good quality. I have a really hard time working from a cell phone picture or one stolen off of facebook. And I feel like copyrighted images are frowned upon... so don't ask me to do those either.

Q: What size are the paintings?
i can do pretty much any size. my most common sizes and prices are listed under the "pricing" page.

Q: What medium do you use?
I typically use oil paint on a stretched canvas, unless otherwise specified.

Q: Do i buy materials?
Nope... its tacked on to the price!

Q. Are the prices listed on this website final?

Nahhh.... I am a nice person. I love to paint more than I love to make money. Well, most of the time anyways. Talk to me... we can negotiate! But don't think you are going to talk me down to a $50 painting of 6 kids.... I am not that nice.

Q. Do you do murals?

Sure do!!! Contact me and we can talk about it. I have done some good ones (princesses, sea animals, rainforest, farm) and love doing them!

nyssa mooney

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